Eleftherios Venizelos

Born in Mournies, close Chania, in 1864, Eleftherios Venizelos was the respected Cretan statesman who wound up Executive of Greece in 1910. He battled in the early battles for independence and in 1897, required Crete’s association with Greece. He immediately rose as a characteristic conceived pioneer and in 1905 held an unlawful Progressive Gathering at Theriso, near Chania. The backing was overpowering and constrained the renunciation of Sovereign George, pursued b the production of a temporary Cretan government. Venizelos wound up Head of Greece in 1910 and after three years Crete turned out to be a piece of the Greek country.

Venizelos graves are situated in a shocking position watching out over Chania and the Mountains. They are plainly signposted out and about driving from Chania to the Akrotiri. The tombs of Venizelos and his child Sophocles lay a short separation from the flawless church of Profitis Elias. This area is the site of the noteworthy scene of 1987,
when the Greek flag opposed to the fires the Turks and the European Forces. The Greek flag was raised by Spyros Kaleyiadakis, making his body fly for the flag.