Nikos Kazantzakis

Nikos Kazantzakis is most likely Crete’s best-known creator. He was born in Heraklion 1883 and in his initial years, considered law, political science and rationality. In 1919 he entered legislative issues and was delegated Pastor of Welfare by Venizelos.  Kazantzakis voyaged generally all through his profession and his travel diaries were distributed to basic acclaim. He went on to write essays, poetry and interpretations of the works of art, however, is best known for his books: “Zorba the Greek’ and ‘Opportunity and Death’, amongst others.

He came back to governmental issues quickly in 1945 and filled in as a guide to UNESCO from 1947-48, however, focused for the most part on his composition. Kazantzakis and his better half settled on the French Riviera in 1950 and he kicked the bucket in West Germany in 1957. His burial service occurred in Heraklion where hundreds of grievers paid their regards.

In spite of living in virtual outcast for extensive stretches and excommunicated by the congregation for his perspectives about Christianity, Kazantzakis was gladly Cretan and a great patriot. His life and work are commended at the Kazantzakis Exhibition hall in Mirtia, inland from Heraklion. Here you can see individual belongings, paintings and sketches and unique versions of his works.

Kazantzakis was covered in the Martinengo Bastion of the old city divider in Heraklion.

Inscribed on his tomb are his own words:

‘’I hope for nothing, I fear nothing, I am free’’