Kedrodasos beach is a beautiful beach, 76 km far from Chania, 1 km from the enchanting lagoon of Elafonissi. Many people compere them. The small cedars growing there belong to the species Juniperus oxycedrus and Juniperus phoenicea.

Arriving you will find a beautiful cedar forest stretching along the coast. The beach is mostly rocky with white sand and turquoise waters. The forest above the beach covers a large expanse of about 110 acres.

The beach is well known to campers and nudists. If you are camping here, do not use the cedar woods for fire, they have extremely slow growth and every small piece of wood you will remove will take many decades to recover. Moreover, as the beach is remote, you should keep it clean. It is a small earthly paradise that needs our care and respect.

If you want to stay completely isolated, there are several beaches between Kedrodasos Beach and Agios Ioannis Church, about two kilometers east. This area is the most isolated version of Kedrodasos beach, with fewer trees and natural shade. It is located on the E4 trail and can be reached by a dirt road from the Paleochora area to the church.