The gorge of Klados is one of the most difficult technical gorges. It has 42 waterfalls !!

The entrance of the gorge is located at Kokkinovari, where Klados gorge is separated from Trypiti gorge. Access takes place there from Omalos and lasts 5 hours.

The gorge is secured along its entire length, and so a canyoning team can descend all the waterfalls, ending in the Domata Beach. The highest waterfall has a height of 45 meters, with a small flow of water.

For those who do not have the technical knowledge of trekking in the Gorges, the most appropriate way to enjoy  Klados is to walk upside down, starting from the Domata. Access to the Domata is done either by boat or crossing the E4 Trail from Sougia for about 5 hours.