The Allied Cemetery is located in the Vlite area of Souda, Kydonia, in a beautiful natural landscape overlooking the sea. Events are held every year in memory of the Second World War Allies who lost their lives during the Battle of Crete.

There are 19 graves of WWI soldiers and 37 of the postwar period.

Throughout the year, there is an increased visit by British, New Zealand and Australian gentlemen. The Commonwealth Military Tombs Commission undertook the creation and maintenance of the cemetery. Louis De Soissons was the architect.

Cemetery burials are by country:

  • The United Kingdom 862 people,
  • Canada 5 people,
  • Australia 197 people,
  • New Zealand 446 people,
  • South Africa 9 people,
  • India 1 person,
  • Others 7 people, Total 1527. Almost half of them relate to unidentified soldiers.