Aradena is one of the deepest and steepest canyons of the Prefecture of Chania. The height of the gorge exceeds 150 meters. It is ideal for hikers as well as for bungee jumping enthusiasts from Aradena’s bridge. The enchanting route through the gorge to the exit of Marmara Beach is an unforgettable experience for anyone who has attempted to descend the gorge.

The length of the gorge is 15 km and starts from the underground river of the Drakolalos cave at the toads of Thodoris of the White Mountains. In the middle of the route, there is the ruined village of Aradena.To reach the usual entrance of the Aradena from Hora Sfakion, drive the asphalt road to the mountain village of Anopoli. It is worth taking a stop and try the traditional Sfakianopites.

After another 3.5 km, you reach the ruined village of Aradena, which is built on the edge of the gorge. Here was the ancient town of Aradena and today the picturesque temple of Astratigos (Michael Archangelos). The village deserted after a feud(vendetta).

Aradena’s metal bridge is the highest in Greece and the second most striking for bungee jumping in Europe.

A few meters north of the bridge there is the old stone-built path that led to Aradena before the bridge was built. From this path, you can descend to the bottom of the gorge.