The cave of Asfendou or Skordalakia is located on a steep slope near the homonymous village of Sfakia. The area is called Garlic from the plants that grow there.

Skordalakia is a very small rock cover that can hardly accommodate two people and is located at the beginning of the Asfendou Gorge. The archaeological service has closed its entrance with a door for protection.

Speleological has no interest but hides an invaluable treasure. The rock that forms its limestone floor is full of rock paintings, created with primitive tools.

Anyone who wants to see this treasure up close must consult with the man in the village who has the keys to arrange a visit.

In 1960, the cleric Fotakis, while hunting, discovered the engraved paleolithic rock paintings. Unfortunately, they are difficult to date. Some scholars, because of the themes and the way of engraving, have included them in prehistoric times and more specifically in 8,000 BC.

The paintings were made at various times and often overlapped. There are representations of deer or antelope, bows and arrows, javelins, figurative writings and more. There are abstract, linear and tectonic markings and engravings formed by small carved dots.