Askidiano Gorge, or Prasse Gorge, is located in a lush area of the White Mountains and its outlet is at an altitude of 480 meters in the Ascidia settlement.

The entrance to the gorge is on the road to Sougia, at the Petra Seli junction leading to Omalos.

At a distance of 1.5 km after the junction, you will find the dirt road and trail leading to the Platanos area, a lush area with huge plane trees and ferns and water springs. From here starts the Ascidian Gorge, with a 2-hour hike.

The upright walls, the dense pine forest combined with the deciduous trees create a magnificent landscape. Hiking in the canyon is easy and you will come across some small caves. At the exit of the gorge, we find the small settlement of Ascidia, well hidden in a dense chestnut forest.