Domata Beach is 58 km south of Chania and 7 km east of Sougia. The wild and inaccessible canyon of Kladou and Flokos ends at the beach.

In Domata, there are two beaches separated by a cliff block. The first is to the west and crosses the E4 path, while the second and shortest is accessible either by boat or swimming for a few meters from the big beach. Additionally, there is a more relaxing way to get here. You can take a boat from Sfakia, go to Agia Roumeli and from there find a boat to bring you to Domata. Alternatively, you can reach Agia Roumeli by crossing the Samaria Gorge.

It is a unique dense landscape with sharp cliffs of conglomerate rocks that resemble rooftops. The waters are beautiful and the beach has fine pebbles. because of the internal springs with the fresh waters, the water sometimes clouds. The many pine trees above the beach offer natural shade and camping possibilities but a bit far from the sea.

The visitor should take care to visit the well-equipped beach, as there is nothing nearby. It is a pretty secluded beach.

It is one of the most difficult parts of the path and requires special attention and appropriate equipment. Some points are steep, and the uphill route of the mountain reaches up to 700 meters.