Elygias Gorge is one of the largest and most impressive wild beauty gorges in the Prefecture of Chania. It runs parallel to the Samaria Gorge. It starts from the village of Agios Ioannis Sfakion near Anopolis.

After a 3.5-hour journey through a breathtaking landscape, you reach Selunda Beach. From there, you reach the seaside village of Agia Roumeli with a 1-hour drive.

The actual route of the gorge is 13 km and requires an experienced guide for guidance and two days available. The route starts from the Omalos Plateau, passes through the shelter and before reaching Katsiveli Shelter, head south to the Potami area.

The route from the River to the sea takes 6 hours. The canyon of Eligia is full of cypresses and pines. Near the beginning of the canyon is debris of a Belgian aircraft, which fell after a 1976 NATO exercise.

Saluda or Agios Pavlos Sfakion beach is a beautiful beach, 3 kilometers from Agia Roumeli and 6 kilometers west of Loutro. It is a secluded beach and arrives here either by boat or hiking. The shortest hike is from Agia Roumeli crossing the E4 European Path 50-60 minutes. The beach features coarse silver and brown pebble sand and is surrounded by a beautiful pine forest.

The name Saint Paul comes from the Byzantine church of St. Paul, where it is said that he baptized people during his journey to Rome.