Frangokastello hides an amazing winter wonderland, its wetland. It occupies a huge area from the castle to the beach of Vatalos.

The whole area is full of reeds and within 2 km, several ponds are created, where amphibians and birds live.

The water descends from springs and reaches the Frangokastelo Plain and in the winter some currents that reach the sea are created. The water is maintained almost all year round but the ideal season is from the end of February to the beginning of May.

Vatalos beach is located west of Frangokastelo. Most hotels and guest rooms are located there. The Vatalos area consists of many small beaches, Iliga, Hondro Volakas, Black Water and Vatalos. They are preferred by those who want to enjoy their tranquility and those who love diving. In winter, the whole of Vatalos is transformed into the Frangokastel wetland.