Glyka Nera beach is 4 km away from Sfakia and 75 km. south of Chania. It is hidden among the Leuka Orh and the mountains of Sfakia. It is surrounded by large rocks that create awe and give deep shade.

The beach is full of pebbles combined with sand and its waters are green and crystal clear. Its waters are usually cold because of the springs. For those who love diving is the right place for them.

There are umbrellas and deck chairs, as well as a canteen on a rock in the sea, from where you can buy the necessary ones. Glyka Nera is popular with campers, while the eastern part of the beach is mainly occupied by nudists. It is one of the first beaches of nudists in Crete. Its name came from the freshwater springs that spill over and into the sea. These springs are scattered throughout the beach.

Access to the beach is done in two ways. The first way is by boat. There are daily trips from Sfakia or Loutro to Glyka Nera.

The second way is to drive from Sfakia to Anopoli, and within 2.5 km you will see the entrance of the path to your left. This path is part of the European Path E4. The duration of the descent is 30 minutes. Particular attention is needed because in some places it is rather steep.

Additionally, this path after Glyka Nera continues to Loutro and the descent lasts about 1 hour.