Saint Eirini Gorge is located on the west side of the White Mountains, in the area of Selinos. It is located 46 km from the city of Chania. It is 7.50 kilometers long and takes about three hours to descend. The canyon ends in the beautiful village of Sougia.

The Gorge is part of the European Path E4 and part of the Natura 2000 area. It has been designated a Wildlife Refuge by the Ministry of Agriculture. The gorge is home to the Cretan Goat (Kri-Kri) and many other species of fauna. In addition, the canyon has an enormous wealth of forest vegetation both in terms of trees and shrubs, and aromatic plants.

Beyond its importance as a landscape of natural beauty and a refuge for various species of animals, the canyon has remarkable historical and cultural significance. At the site of <<Many Houses>>,  inside the gorge, the rebels found refuge during the Turkish occupation, who found a way out of the <<Figu>> path to the Omalos area. The visitor will admire the Byzantine church of Christ, dating from 1358 AD. and the ruined church of St. George, dated to 1460 AD.