South of the top Castle on the Leuka Ori, starts the Iligas Gorge, near the village of Kali Lakoi and ends at Iligas Beach, 2km from Sfakia.

It is one of the largest gorges of Sfakia, and probably one of the least known in the world. Only after heavy rains can there be a small flow of water, usually its riverbed is dry.

Iligas Gorge starts at an elevation of 1080 meters in the Rekti area. Because of the wilderness that characterizes the canyon, it is preferable for the visitor to avoid the upper part as it requires a rope. It is preferable to cross it from the village of Mouri Sfakion or from Anopolis. From Anopolis, Madara Road leads us to the riverbed of the gorge, where we meet the chapel of the Holy Cross.

The chapel is literally tucked into the riverbed after centuries of riverbeds have raised its height by at least 2 meters. It is full of icons. At this point there is the only source of water, in a cave on the path leading to Muri, and here begins the descent of the gorge, which lasts about 3 hours until the beach.

Sights of the Gorge is the cave where the governor of Selinos Basias lost his life during the Turkish occupation. A large part of the canyon is covered by cypresses and asphaltenes. As we approach the sea, the forest gives way to imposing cliffs hundreds of meters long with trees hanging everywhere.

The riverbed, while broad in some places, narrows sharply and reaches one and a half meters, making the passage a unique experience, especially in the two points that sharply glide.

Shortly we reach the sea, we find a stone cobblestone road, which descends from one side and goes uphill, which for centuries was the only way of communication between Anopolis and Chora Sfakion.

Iligas Beach:

It is a beautiful beach full of pebbles and crystal clear waters. Along the coast, there are umbrellas and sun loungers. To the east of the beach, there are caves where you can be protected from the sun and heat. Iligas is not very crowded and is easy to reach if you can reach Hora Sfakia on a short hike. It is an excellent choice if you are in Sfakia. From the hotel near the beach, you can get all the essentials.