The Gorge of Imvros is close to the country of Sfakia and is part of the European Path E4. It is 11 km long and its journey takes 3-4 hours.

The route starts from the small village of Imvros, at an altitude of 700 meters. The original part of the gorge, which is quite open, is called Porrofaragos or Porrolagos. Initially, the path is downhill and the side walls are relatively low, then the canyon narrows, the walls rise higher and the landscape becomes more impressive.

On the sides of the gorge, you will see several caves, while the vegetation consists of old cypress trees and maple trees that rise through the rocks. In the past, there was a cobbled path, which was the main trail connecting Sfakia with Chania. In several places, you will see remnants of this cobbled path. The next location you will encounter is the Airplane, the name comes from the crash of an airplane during the Second World War II. Its debris is preserved and expounded at the Askyfos War Museum. Immediately afterward, we reach Gournia, where there are several small troughs on the rock that fill the water in winter.

Then you will meet the most impressive point of the Gorge, the Strait. Here the walls are only 1.6m apart, while their height reaches 300m! The rocks are sculpted with beautiful shapes. After the Strait, there is a resting place on the MesoFarango site. Here there is a Venetian watershed and the house of the guard of the gorge.

Shortly before the gorge exit, there is a big break (landslide) and immediately after an impressive narrowing in the Gremnas area. Immediately afterward we meet a beautiful stone arch, the Ksipitira which fascinates the visitor. Continuing your walk, you pass through a few more narrow passages and reach the exit of the gorge in the village of Kimitades.

The village of Kimitades is situated at an altitude of 200 meters, at the southern foothills of the White Mountains. It has been classified as a traditional settlement. There is a small building of St. George. According to the tradition, it was built after the victory of the inhabitants against the corsairs, which had ruined the village many times.

There are several daily routes to Imvros in the summer that start from Chania. If you want to take the bus to Hora Sfakion, Imbros (where many walkers leave their car) and Chania, you have to walk 1.5 kilometers outside Komitades on the main road to Sfakia. Make sure you check the routes first. You could also walk from here to Hora Sfakion, along the main road (5 km). There is also a taxi from the end of the gorge and from the village of Komitades.