Krios beach is 10 km west of Paleochora. It is a beautiful secluded beach divided into three successive inlets, with crystal clear blue waters and beautiful pebbles.

The first bay is in the easternmost part of the beach but due to the strong south winds and the rocky environment is not preferred for swimming.

The central bay is busier. It is an organized beach with parking and a canteen.

At the west end is the third beach and is mainly preferred by nudists as it is more protected and secluded. There are umbrellas and small caves where the visitor can find shade.

In the surroundings, there are few hotels and rooms to stay in. Access is by car via Paleochora. From Krios begins the European Trail, which connects Paleochora with Elafonisi.

Close to the beach is the lake of Krios or Vienna. It consists of many small isolated bays, some of which have pebbles and some sand. At the back of the lake, there is dense vegetation where one can find shade.

The beach is located in the precise location of the ancient Hellenistic or Roman city of Vienna, which makes it unique. Even today the rectangular base of the ancient sanctuary of the city is still preserved, as well as some scattered pieces of columns and ancient tombs. It is one of the few beaches in Greece where the visitor swims in the blue waters next to archaeological finds. Lake Krios is 12 km from Paleochora.