A few kilometers outside Chania, in the village of Karanou at the foot of the Lefko Ori, is the Kydoni Gorge.

Kydoni Gorge is probably the greenest gorge in all of Crete, with dense vegetation and spectacular trees exceeding 20 meters in height.

The beginning of the gorge is in the village. The path is easy and clear, passing through a magnificent centuries-old olive grove and the chapel of Agios Dimitrios. Every 500 meters of the route, there are signs indicating the length of the route. The canyon is 2 km long and ends at the point where the Kidonium stream meets the tributary of Platanias, Mavropiliotis, in the Mavra Pila area.

The trail continues to the Boriano Gorge, which lies parallel to Kydoni and reaches the Boriana neighborhood of the village of Karanos. The stream that crosses Kydoni is dry all year round with very few exceptions on very rainy days. In the heart of winter, the water is very high and 2-3 waterfalls are created. A beautiful wooden bridge passes under a waterfall next to which there is a roof of small stalactites.

The crossing of Kydononi Gorge takes about 1 hour.