Laggos Gorge is located between the villages of Zourva and Meskla. Its entrance lies below the village of Zourva and ends at Meskla.

It is a really beautiful and unbroken canyon. Crossing it requires the use of a rope in some places. It’s a technical gorge, with a few small rapids and plenty of walking. Recommended for beginners as it is very well insured.

Along the way, the visitor will be impressed by the beautiful forest with the plane trees, cypresses, and prines. Its waterfalls provide water during the winter months after rainy seasons.

At the end of the gorge, lies the most impressive and technical part of Lagos. At its exit, on the west bank is a huge rock 40 m high like a meteor at the highest point of which is a rocky roof. The rock is called “The Tsuni of Bees”.

According to legend, at the top of the rock lived a huge bee in size. The bee was visible from the village and everyone wanted to harvest it but no one could reach it. One of the villagers, being very poor, thought that if he managed to reap, he would become rich. He decided to make a votive offering at the Virgin Mary in order to reach the honey, to harvest it and to dedicate the whole candle to the Church of the Virgin. He built a huge wooden scaffolding, cutting all the wood in the woods. Then he climbed, and when he realized how much honey was, he blurred his mind and decided to keep all the honey and candle for himself. Falling down he was killed and thus punished for his greed.