Exotic turquoise waters and wild natural beauty.

The Lagoon of Balos is located 56 km northwest of the city of Chania and 17 km northwest of Kissamos and is formed between the Gramvousa peninsula and the smaller Cape Tigani.

Famous for its white and pink sand, exotic turquoise waters, and wild natural beauty. A beautiful place where, if you stand and enjoy the view from above and gaze at the endless blue of the sea, feelings of charm and admiration will overwhelm you.

The Lagoon of Balos is very shallow and warm. An ideal destination for young children. After the rocks, its depth increases and the temperature of the water is colder. Those who love diving will surely enjoy this place. It is part of the Natura environmental protection program, the reason for the rare species of flora and fauna that exist.

The visitor can walk to Cape Tigani, where the chapel of Saint Pantes and the cave on the northern side can be seen. During the Ottoman domination, the cave was used as a hiding place for women and children. Unfortunately, this was perceived by the Turks, who, in 1825, killed many women and children. In the cave, there is a commemorative plaque, at the point where the bones of the victims were found, while the feast day of the saints is celebrated every year.

North of the lagoon at Cape Korykon, there are the ruins of the small Roman city of Agneion with a temple dedicated to Apollo. Today, there is the picturesque chapel of Saint Sostis.


There are three different ways to reach the visitor. The first is by boat from Kissamos. You will admire the deep beaches of Gramvousa and enjoy a swim in the exotic beach of Imeros Gramvousa, where you will see the old fort and the shipwreck.

The second way is to take the road, you can drive carefully to the dirt road that starts from Kaliviani, along with the Gramvousa peninsula. After 10 km, the road leads to a large parking area and a canteen where it is high above the lagoon. From there begins a small alley that leads to the lagoon, about 15 minutes walking.

Finally, the third inexperienced adventure and a fascinating way is hiking. Starting from Kaliviani and passing through the wild and dry landscapes of Gramvousa. The view that this route offers is great and the hiking takes about 3 hours.