The Lissos Gorge unites Sougia with the ancient city of Lissos.  It is a large gorge with tall imposing walls.

At its exit, there is Ancient Lissos. The city flourished from the Hellenistic years to the 9th century. It was very popular for its Asklepieion, many patients from various parts of Crete came to be treated in the local thermal baths.

The visitor will be impressed by the ancient ruins, such as capitals and temple columns, as well as the mosaic floor of Asclepius which is still preserved today. You can visit the Roman cemetery with its arched tombs and remnants of the ancient theater. During the excavations, many statues and coins of Lisbon were found. The main statues are kept and exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

In addition, after descending the gorge, the visitor can enjoy a dip in the clear blue waters of Lissos Beach. The beach is deserted, unorganized with thick pebbles. Next to the beach, there are many trees where one can find shade. The hike from the Lissos Gorge takes about 2 hours. Alternatively, the visitor can take the boat from Sougia, with a journey time of 20 minutes.