Loutro is located 71 km from the prefecture of Chania, between the areas of Sfakia and Agia Roumeli. The place was called a bath because of the many ancient baths found in the area.

Loutro is the place of the ancient city of Phoenix, which was the port of ancient Anopolis and an important part of the Hellenistic and Roman times. Later it became the winter harbor of the city of Sfakia due to its natural protection during harsh weather conditions. Today there is nothing from the ancient city of Phoenix, apart from the name that is preserved from the small village of the bay west of Loutro.

Later, pirates used Loutro to attack ships sailing south of Crete. The Venetians managed to remove the pirates and fortify Loutro with a small fortress, the ruins of which are still visible today. Another fortress preserved in better condition in Loutro is proof of the Turkish presence here.

Loutro is a picturesque fishing village and ideal for those who want something different and tranquil on their holidays. It has two excellent pebble beaches and clear waters with deep green and blue colors. They are organized beaches with sun loungers and umbrellas. At a short distance, you can find anything you need, like food, drink. The area is ideal for walkers and the places you can see are many. You can visit the Tower of Loutro, the beautiful Anopoli, the Aradena Gorge and the nearby beaches of Glyka Nera, Perivolakia, Holy Cross, Likos, Finikas and Marble where you can also go with the boats that start daily from Loutro.


The easiest way to get here is either walking along the E4 seaside trail for about 1.5 hours from Sfakia or by boat from Sfakia, Sougia or Paleohora.