.The Municipal Garden was designed in 1870 according to European standards and it was the first communal work of the city.

It hosts many kinds of trees, shrubs, fruit, and ornamental plants and a zoo with Cretan animals.

In 1898, on the northwest corner of the Garden, a building was used that served as a theater, government printing house, dances hall, and in the years to come housed the Cretan House.

In 1924, in the northeastern corner of the Garden, the Garden Clock is built and in 1936 the café “Coffee Garden”, a historic spot with important visitors such as Nikos Kazantzakis, which still works today.

Within the Municipal Garden, there is a cinema, the municipal children’s library, and a playground. The paths of the Garden engraved according to European horticultural standards and with thick sand, are covered in many places by tree branches.