Paleochora is a small fishing village on the southwestern side of the Prefecture of Chania. It is located 77 km from Chania and is built on a peninsula, which is washed by the Libyan Sea. The peninsula has a width of 400 meters and a length of 700 meters, and on both sides it has beaches with blue waters and the steep slopes of the White Mountains form natural protection to the southern winds.

The beautiful landscapes, the wild nature, the intense history of the place, the pleasant climate creates a beautiful composition along with the everyday life of the area, creating a gracious reminder to the visitor. Paleochora is one of the most touristically developed areas of Crete, with well-organized beaches, scenic and traditional cafes, summer theaters, and trendy cafes.

It is equipped with all the necessary facilities, so as to facilitate both the everyday life of residents and visitors. It has bank branches, post office, health center, pharmacies, police station and coastguard, customer service center and various other stores.

Known and unknown beaches in Paleochora:

Pahia Ammos

Pahia Ammos is located on the west side of Paleoochora. It is a kilometer long, fine white sand and shallow water. Pahia Ammos is awarded every year with the Blue Flag of the European Union, as it has crystal clear waters and all facilities and safe swimming.

Gravel Beach

The Gravel Beach is a pebble beach located east of Paleochora. It is located right in front of the road with most of the taverns in the area and breakfast cafes. It is very deep and its waters are crystal clear. Absolute relaxation with endless views of the Libyan Sea.


Krios is 10 km west of Paleochora and consists of three successive small bays. The central beach is the busiest. It is a well-organized pebble beach with a canteen and parking. The first small bay is not suitable for swimming, because of the southern winds. The third bay is also a well-organized beach, usually preferred by nudists as it is more isolated.

The beach of Krios is particularly well known, as there is the beginning of the European Path that connects Paleochora to Elafonissi.


The remote beaches in Gialiskari are located 4 km east of Paleochora at the exit of the anhydrous gorge. For some, it is a terrestrial paradise. The two beaches lie on both sides of a peninsula that invades the sea. They have fine pebbles and deep blue waters. The area does not have any particular vegetation but only partially salty meadows. Gialiskari was widely known during the 1970s to the hippies, who were equipped with food and water, walking along the coastline to reach the beach and stay for a few days.

Ormos Grammeno

Just 4 km from the center of Paleochora, there is Grammenos beach. A sandy beach with blue waters and cedar trees 150 years old. In this area is the well-known camping of Paleochora, which is open all year round and has all the facilities for a comfortable and economical stay.