Perdikari Gorge is located on the border of Chania and Rethymnon. Its entrance is at the top of Vronduba of Kryoneritis and the canyon ends between Rodakino and Argule.

The river gorge joins the stream from the Argulino Gorge and flows into Agia Marina beach. It is a rugged gorge with a high and steep slope and low vegetation. It has a large opening all along with it and at one point it must be overtaken by a ladder or rope.

The beach of Agia Marina is 2 km south of the village of Argoule. It has sand and pebbles, and in some places, there is rocks ideal for fishing. It is not an organized beach, therefore the visitor should be provided with the necessary items. However, within walking distance is the beach of Peristere which has a tavern.

Next to the beach, there is the church of Agia Marina, surrounded by large carob trees.