Rocka is a semi-mountainous village and is located 35 km from the city of Chania. It is built at the foot of a steep limestone hill called Trouli. The limestone hill dominates the plain that reaches the Kissamos Bay. On the hill was the Byzantine fortress Rocka, from which the village was named. East of the village and the hill pass the Rocka Gorge. In the village are several old houses, most of them abandoned. In recent years, the excavation of the Rocka archaeological site takes place.

The last few years in the archaeological site under the program of the Ministry of Culture in “LIGHT OF MOON”, there are cultural events of high cultural level with a large audience. The Rocka Fests are a meeting of society and culture. They take place every year, usually starting late July to early August, culminating in the day of the August full moon. 

The Gorge of Rocka is located 32km west of Chania, in the province of Kissamos. It is 2km long and starts near the village of Deliana and ends at Messonissi north of the village of Rockas. The gorge passes east of the Troulis hill, where ruins of the Byzantine fortress of Rocka are preserved.

Hiking is done through the river, under the plane trees, which are cool in warm summer months and lasts about 2 hours. It is recommended for the beginning of summer when there is still some water and nature is at the peak of its beauty, while until the spring, crossing the narrowest points is impossible without getting wet.

At the exit of the gorge, there is the settlement Messonisi, from which starts the dirt road, which leads to the village of Rocka.