Meskla is a lush, picturesque village located 21 km southwest of Chania. It is built at a height of 200 meters on a plateau of the Keritis River.

In the area of ​​the village, there are cyclopean walls and houses carved in the rocks, as well as ruins of the fort from the classical era. On the south side of the village, there are << Water Sources >>.  The springs of the Keritis River are hidden in the rocks and under the evergreen plane trees. It is said that the waters of the Springs come from Omalos through a huge cave. It is such a beautiful landscape, where the visitor can enjoy the coolness of the place under the shade of the plane trees.

Sarakina’s gorge is well hidden in this landscape, so it’s hard to spot, and it’s far from being aware of its existence. It is one of the smallest gorges of Crete but also one of the most impressive. His name comes from Sarakin pirates, as the inhabitants believed that there was their hideaway.

In the effort to promote the place and create naturalistic routes, a path with wooden and stone elements was created in the gorge. The path starts from the village and ends at the same point, it is a circular path. The route starts with a dirt road and after a few minutes the landscape changes. Appearing rocks of solid limestone and green trees. At some point in the route, the rock is split into two, a natural sculpture. It is the narrowest part of the path and then a lush forest appears.