Seitan Limani is located on the southeast of the Akrotiri peninsula, 20 km. From the city of Chania. Sea strips penetrate between the steep rocky coasts of Akrotiri, creating small rushes, one of which is the well-hidden beach of Seitan Limani.

The word Seitan is Turkish, which apparently has been left since the Ottoman rule in Crete, and is translated as a devil. This name is due to the high risk of currents in the area and the fact that the beach lies between vertical and steep rocks has been a significant risk to ships in the past years.

The beach is made up of gravel and sand, which are transported from neighboring sandwiches through the bay of Dublochachalo and deep blue waters.

To visit the Seitan Limani, follow the road that leads to the airport of Chania and you will drive to the village of Hordaki. Arriving at the village, you will continue your journey to the chapel of Saint Raphael. To get down to the beach, you need to walk down a steep path, so be careful.