The Sfakianο Gorge or Bartholomα or Lago Gorge starts at Trikoukia, at an altitude of 1200 meters and flows 2 km from Sfakia. Its stream ends in the Caves of the Prisons in the Southern Cretan Sea.

The Caves of the Prisons are 4 small beaches that form small fjords amidst rocky cliffs. They have clear blue water and small pebbles. Some are formed in caves.

The gorge is 6.5 kilometers long and is relatively easy to travel. The proposed hike starts from the Niatou plateau to the abandoned village of Kaloi Lakki. The gorge is of great value for the flora it hosts. Cypress and pine trees are the main trees the visitor will encounter.

At the entrance of the gorge is the church of Apostle Paul, built-in 1407. At Porolagos, the gorge meets the road leading to Chora Sfakion. However, the visitor deserves to continue on his way to the Caves of the Prisons.