Situated 55 kilometers from Chania and 17 kilometers south of Kissamos, you will find the village of Sirikari. Located at an altitude of 500 meters and has 50 permanent residents. His name is said to derive from the Byzantine profession of syrikari, the creator of syrikon, that is, silk fabrics.

Driving in a beautiful green landscape with dense vegetation you will reach an area full of canyons and running waters. From here start the two gorges of Sirikari, the Tsichliano to the west and the Sirikarian to the east. Both gorges end up in the village of Polyrrinia, where the ancient city of Polyrrinia was located, the walls of which are still in very good condition. The village is located high on the hill overlooking Kissamos Bay.

The forest of Sirikari consists of tall chestnut trees, small waterfalls, and running streams. In the prefecture of Chania, there are many chestnut forests, mainly on the slopes of Kissamos mountains.

In the area of ​​Sineniana, just a short distance from Sirikari, you will find two beautiful watermills, which are in excellent condition. You can admire the Church of the Assumption of Mary, located in the chestnut forest, near arias, cypresses and plane trees. As well as the 15th-century Byzantine church in honor of the Holy Apostles.