The settlement is built near the Monastery of the Virgin Mary of Chrysoskalitissa, from which it took its name, which belongs to the Holy Metropolis of Kissamos and Selinos.

It is 76 km southwest of Chania, on the road leading to Elafonissi. The monastery is built high on a large rock of 35 meters, offering a spectacular view of the Libyan Sea. According to myth, one of the 90 rock-stepped stairs that lead to the monastery is gold and can only be seen by the sinless ones. When the Ottomans conquered Crete, the nuns concealed the golden masterpieces of the monastery under this step of the great staircase, to protect them from pillaging. Thus the name of the monastery was created. The  Chrysoskalitissa monastery is dedicated to the Holy Trinity and the Assumption of the Virgin, the image of which is said to have been created 1,000 years ago.

The settlement of Chrysoskalitissa dates back to the Minoan Years. At that time, in this area, there was a settlement of fishermen. The monastery is an impressive building and an important monument that keeps the spirit alive.

Every year on August 15th, the village of Chrysoskalitissa becomes a big feast as it celebrates the monastery on that day.