At an altitude of 1450 meters, there is Volika’s Shelter, near the Keramia plain in the northern Leuka Ori.

The shelter in Volika is the oldest in Crete and was built in 1958. It was renovated in 2006 and today can accommodate 30 people. The Mountaineering Club of Chania is the responsible manager of the shelter, and upon consultation with the visitor can arrange his stay.

The shelter has no electricity and is powered by a faucet. The heating is done with a fireplace and stoves.

Access to the refuge is a 3-hour walk from the Kamboi area, while the nearest road to the village of Madaro is just 10 minutes’ walk. From the shelter begins a path that leads to the heart of the White Mountains, which crosses the peak of Spathi, at an altitude of 2048 meters and then descends to the area of Livada.

From there it branches off to other paths, such as the European E4 Trail from Katsiveli to Tauri and the Therisso Trail west of the Black Mountain at an altitude of 2070 meters.