1.5 kilo large courgettes
1 kilo potatoes
½ kilo sour mizithra (soft white cheese)
8 tablespoons traditional anthogalo (cream)
1 bunch mint
1 wineglass olive oil
3-4 tomatoes
Salt, pepper, oregano
All-purpose flour

Cut courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes into thin rounds and let drain for several minutes, then sprinkle with salt, pepper and oregano. Toss potatoes and courgettes with flour. In an oiled medium pan, layer half of the potatoes and courgettes. Then spread half of the mizithra and half of the mint over the top. Repeat the procedure with the remaining potatoes, courgettes and mizithra. Top with tomato slices, then spoon on cream and olive oil and enough water to cover. Bake in medium temperature oven for about two hours. Serve warm and decorate with remaining mint leaves.

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