Chilopites is a traditional type of pasta. In Greece, we find the first reference to pasta in 1000 BC. It was a plaque dough of flour and water called “laganon”. When the Greeks made their first colonies in Italy, they carried her with them. Pasta is one of the most basic elements of the Mediterranean Diet. It is rich in complex carbohydrates, iron, selenium, calcium, B protein, and vitamins, without fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

According to tradition, chilopites are a kind of pasta made by the worthy women’s hands at the end of the summer. They dry under the summer sun and then housewives store them in white sachets together with the other supplies of winter as they were an important dish of the winter diet. This tradition continues to date in some households, while the consumer can buy packaged chilopites at various stores.


For the trilobites:

  • 500gr of flour
  • 200ml of water
  • 20ml olive oil
  • A little salt

For the sauce:

  • 1 liter of milk
  • 80gr of sugar
  • cinnamon

Preparation Method:

Pour the flour, olive oil in a bowl and then squeeze the water and knead. Once our dough becomes a bit tough, divide it into four pieces and create four balls. Leave them in a bowl, covered with a towel for half an hour.

Put fresh flour on the cooking table to keep the juice from sticking and open a thin sheet of half a centimeter. Cut with a knife strips about 7 cm wide. Then cut into thin pieces. Flour well so that they do not stick and put them in a colander to get out of the oven cake.

In a casserole, put the milk together with the sugar, when it is warm, pour the pasta and mix. Let boil for about ten minutes. Mix when it goes to swell the milk.

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