half a pound of butter (250 g, fresh + 250 g vegetable butter )

half a pound of sugar

1 sachet of ammonia (-1 teaspoon which removes it)

8 eggs

a glass of wine fresh milk

4 vanilla

2 sachets of baking powder

about 1.5 kg of flour for all uses


Preparation Method:

Inside the mixing bowl, put the ingredients in a row, adding them one at a time, without stopping the operation, whisk the butter, add the sugar, vanilla eggs and milk.
The milk, warm a little warm and half, dissolve the ammonia and pour it together with the other half of the milk in the mixture. Pour the mixture into a bowl
Stir the baking powder in flour and pour it into our mixture.
Add the remaining flour and prepare our dough.

We place the cookies in the shape and size we want and place them in a baking pan with a baking sheet

In a bowl knock the egg yolk, dip our cookies and bake at 180 degrees.

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