Each year, during the three day period of the Holy Monday, the Lagana is honored, accompanied by the fasting dishes. Characteristic of the Lagana is its thin thickness, the puddles on its surface and the very sesame.

There are many variations in the recipe as well as how to prepare it, as one can use different types of flour, ingredients (such as tahini, ouzo, olives, etc.) and different ways of curing.


  •      2,500 gr Flour Yellow fine flour
  •      2.500 gr T70% Flour
  •      100 gr salt
  •      80 gr of yeast
  •      100 gr of Sugar
  •      100 gr Liquid malt
  •      100 gr of ouzo
  •      20 gr Anise Shredded
  •      200 gr of Tahini
  •      2.800 gr Water

Preparation Method:

Knead all ingredients together for about 15 minutes. Cut the flour into balls and let it rest on a floured bench for half an hour. Roll out the sourdough with the rolling pin and sprinkle with malt solution and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Then place the hull for drying at 65% humidity and 320C for about 40 minutes. Then make the puddles either with your finger or with a tool.

Bake at 240C with enough steam for about 30 minutes.



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