Greek Language and Cretan dialect

The Greek, the language of Crete for over 3000 years. The native languages of Crete were Minoan and Eteocratic, two languages which are now unknown. .The modern Greek language is composed of two forms: the ancient, namely the Katharevousa and the Demotic, the spoken language, which in some cases varies from place to place.

The Cretan dialect has its own pronunciation and has little differences over the years. Until very recently, perhaps in some places even now, words from ancient Greek, Byzantine, and Turkish are spoken by older residents of the island. The Cretan dialect is spoken outside of Crete, in the Hamidia village of Syria and on the coast of Mikras Asias where Muslim Cretans settled in 1923.
The Greek language is very beautiful, although its grammar and accent make it a little difficult to learn.

We feel great joy if we consider the number of words coming from the Greek language:

Ego,pathological,cardiac,hematology,panic,cosmos,catastrophe,genesis anthropology…. to name a few

Some examples of Cretan words:

alargo =  far away

amete (go)= go

aposkiazo = I sit in the shade, protect, cover

akouo (listen) = metaphorically smell

viglatoras = violator = the supervisor, who looks superficially from above

vendema=big production

yianta = why

gemidi= filling

katecho=i know


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