White Wine Variety:

  • Vilana: In recent years, thanks to its aroma and flavor, Vilana has chewed all wine friends. It has a “delicate” flavor and lemonade, refreshing taste.


  • Vidanos: An unspeakable variety of wine, with unique apricot aroma, rich and creamy flavor.


  • Dafni: Thanks to the passion and the insistence of Cretan Wine Producers, a variety that we could confess to being extinct was rescued. Its aromas reminiscent of the Bay leaves plant and its flavor is characterized as “soft”.


  • Thrapsathiri: It belongs to the POP Sitia wines. The variety is cultivated all over Crete. It has a strong, heavy, herbal aroma.


  • Moschato Spina: Its name comes from the community of Spina in the municipality of Chania. It is an excellent white wine with summer fragrances. It has a mild acidity and is usually characterized by intense aromas of jasmine, apricot, and melon.


  • Plito: It has a rare, special refreshing acidity and lemon character for the hot temperatures of Crete. Another variety threatened to disappear. Whether alone or in combination with more mature varieties, like Vidano, is capable of outstanding performance.


  • Malvasia di Candia: It is a more acidic and aromatic variety from White Malvasia. It offers both dry and sweet wines. It has a golden color and aromas of almond and apricot.


  • Shardonnay. The King of White Wines. Attention to vintage and modern winemaking at low temperatures helps to express the Cretan character of the variety. Many wine producers combine it with more lemon-flavored flavors.

Red Wine Variety:

Kotsifali: The fleshy Kotsifali. Many characterize it as the Merlot of Crete. It is a sweet wine full of prune aromas.

Liatiko: A delicate variety of red wines. It requires particularly excellent conditions for its ripening and its production season is the end of July. The more demanding its produce is, Liatikp compensates those who are eager to experience it with his unique aromas of dried fruit, herbs and flowers.

Mandilari: It is characterized by a boldness and strength thanks to its good acidity. It is usually mixed with more “soft” varieties such as Kotsifali.

Cabernet Sauvignon: The sun and the heat offer maturity and volume, elements that balance the intense tannins. Whether we are tasting this great variety in single-botanic bottling or in blends with other international as well as native varieties.

Sangiovese: Originally from Tuscany, winemakers from the prefectures of Heraklion and Chania experimented effectively in adapting to their lands. In fact, its high acidity gives unexpected nerve and dew, while the mature aromas and the tasteful volume in the mouth complete the profile of the Cretan Sangiovese.

  • Romeiko: Romeiko is characterized by high alcohol, low acidity, and few dyes. This is mainly the traditional marouvas wine, a wine that reminds Oloroso Sherry.